Recommendations for Breast Surgery

Before and after breast surgery you should take the necessary precautions to make the procedure quite successful for no complications.

Prior to surgery:

  • Antes de tu Cirugia MamariaLeave everything organized at home and at work, to avoid concerns of superfluous or stress, while we locate a person to assist us at all times, and accompany us to the hospital.
  • Chest should be washed with Chlorhexidine soap, from neck to navel, the night before and the day of surgery before going to the clinic fasting and wearing a blouse buttoned at the front, because you can not lift your arms for 15 days after the procedure in the case of a Breast Augmentation, or an entire month, in the case of a Reduction or Lift.
  • Buy medications prescribed by your surgeon to use at discharge, and so on will explain how to use them to go home.
  • Do not smoke for at least 15 days before surgery, or ingest aspirin, Plavix, Ginseng and Vitamin E for the same period of time, and not to use these medications until your surgeon gives you permission.

After your surgery:

  • Despues de tu cirugia mamariaYou’ll have to stay in a cool environment without physical effort, where someone will help you lie down and get up, to feed you and bathe.
  • You must use a special bra for the time indicated by your plastic surgeon.
  • You’ll sleep on your back for a period of two to four weeks depending on the case. You can not drive your car for a similar period.
  • You must take prescribed medication only for the time indicated by your doctor, and do not need to take any other without consulting it.
  • Elbows can not ward off the chest and raise your arms until your surgeon will free to do so, which usually takes between 15 and 30 days depending on the case.
  • You can not be in the sun in a bathing suit for a period of three months after your surgery, swimming pools and beaches.
  • You can not exercise for two weeks in the case of breast augmentation surgery, but you must receive medical clearance before starting. For lift surgery or reduction can exercise abs, glutes and legs at 45 days, but arms, shoulders, back and chest, after three months.
  • Always have an open and honest dialogue between the patient and the surgeon.

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