Breast Reduction in Men

In the competitive job market of today it is mandatory to look the best. Each day more men go through aesthetic surgery, studies show that it goes in hand with promotions. Studies reveal that 84% of men in the United States believe that physical appeal was determinative in their job success. Gynecomastia, a medical term derived from Greek meaning ‘breasts like a woman’ affects one out of every ten men. Breast development in boys lasts few years and generally resolved by the time they reach 18 years. In men however, it can be awkward and psychologically catastrophic.

Gynecomastia can be associated with obesity, metabolic hormonal imbalance, hepatic disease, or caused by medicine use. Before a surgical approach to this syndrome, we recommend a diet and exercise period. If this fails we recommend surgery.

Reduccion Mamaria en el Hombre Ginecomastia Dominicana

Is breast reduction the surgery for you?

During the consultation with your surgeon, you should explain your doubts and expectations regarding the surgery. The surgeon will explain the nature of your breast growth and the elasticity of your skin. The cause can be fatty tissue and/or glandular tissue. Your surgeon will explain the treatment to be received and the result.

The procedures:

Breast reduction in men, is normally performed under local anesthesia associated to sedation. The procedure lasts between 60-90 minutes.


If your Gynecomastia is caused mainly by fatty tissue, this is the approach. Liposuction is a procedure to remove the fat deposits in unwanted areas of the body. A special cannula is introduced to a small incision in a specific area of the skin for this. Using a special system connected to the cannula we suck the fat outwards. The result is to redefine the body contour making it more attractive.

Traditional Surgical excision

If your Gynecomastia is caused by a glandular disorder, isolated liposuction is not recommended. Surgical excision is the best option. The excision can be performed alone or associated to liposuction. Usually the incision is made in the edge of the areola. The surgeon will work through it to cut and remove the excess glandular tissue, fat and skin.

If the reduction requires major tissue removal, the incisions will be bigger.

Postop recommendations

Bed rest following the first 24 hours. You may feel a bit of pain for a few days that should diminish with painkillers (never self medicate). The patient should wear compressive bandages for two weeks. Some patients present relative swelling (edema), that gives away after a short period of time. On the 15th day we remove the sutures.

Most patients return to their normal work activities during the first postop week. Following a breast reduction surgery, men will present a new silhouette and a major increase in self-esteem.



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